Server information settings

On Host tab, you can configure the connection to the server.

Enter and set the following items.

  • Host Name

Enter the server host name (or IP address).

  • Port

Enter the port number. Typically it is 22.

  • HTTP Proxy

Use proxy for the connection to the server (SSH over HTTP). To use it, toggle it to yes and set the proxy information from settingicon button.

  • User Name

  • Private Key

  • Password

Enter the account information for SSH connection to the server.

  • For password authentication

Enter User Name and Password. Private Key is not used.

  • For public key authentication

Enter User Name and select the private key file by clicking on Private Key (clear with clear). If a passphrase is set, enter it in Password.


PuTTY format private key file (extension .ppk ) cannot be used as-is. Please convert it to PEM or OpenSSH format before use.


Settings are saved and automatically filled from the next time launch on.

License request

After server information setting is completed, click Get Host ID to acquire Host ID which is unique to the server.

Click Send Mail of License Request to show the information used to request the license.

  • click Mail to open the license request mail composing screen on your default mailer, then fill out the form and send it to us.

  • otherwise, copy the content of the window and send it to with the product name and license type you want.

License file setting

Once you received the license file, set it on License tab.

Click Select License File and choose the file, or drag & drop the file.

Content of the file is displayed when setting is done.

Start / stop / check status of license server

After the license file setting is done, open Start tab and click Execute `lmgrd’ to start the license server.


The license server stays up even after this tool is closed.

To stop the license server, open Stop tab and click Execute `lmdown’ .

To display the status of the license server, open Status tab and click Execute `lmstat’ .

Using the product


For the machine where you use NanoLabo, please place the license file :file:nanolabo.lic in the license folder under the NanoLabo installation directory.


  • If running NeuralMD on the same machine as the license server

The license file path setting, which is required to use the product, is also performed when the license server is started. You don’t have to set the environment variable ADVANCED_LICENSE_FILE manually.

  • If running NeuralMD on a different machine from the license server

Place the license file neumd.lic in an accessible location on the machine where you run NeuralMD, and set up either of the following configurations according to your execution method.

  • For direct execution: Set the path in the environment variable ADVANCED_LICENSE_FILE

  • If running locally from NanoLabo on the same machine: Select the file from Top-left menu ‣ Properties ‣ Advance/NeuralMD

  • If running remotely from NanoLabo on a different machine: Set the path in the environment variable ADVANCED_LICENSE_FILE within the job script